Size My Room

Please use the table below to help calculate the size of your room by multiplying the length of your room by the width or merely Get in Touch and we will assist.

For a room of approximately:
Air conditioner size required:
10 to 15 m²
9 000 BTU
16 to 20 m²
12 000 BTU
21 to 30 m²
18 000 BTU
31 to 40 m²
24 000 BTU
41 to 50 m²
30 000 BTU
Air Conditioner Size Power Supply

The following air conditioning units do not need a separate power supply and can be plugged into a wall socket:

Room Size
Air conditioner size required:
up to 15m²
9 000 BTU (2.6Kw)
18m² – 20m²
12 000 BTU (3.5Kw)
24m² – 30m²
18 000 BTU (5.3Kw)

The Following Air Conditioning Units Need A Separate Power Supply To Be Installed To Which The Unit Must Be Connected Directly:

Room Size
Air conditioner size required:
31m² – 40m²
24 000 BTU (7Kw)
41m² – 50m²
30 000 BTU (8.8Kw)
51m² – 60m²
36 000 BTU (10.55Kw)

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