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LG Air conditioning – Ultimate Style, Design and Technology
LG Split System air conditioner models are the ultimate combination of stylish design and smart technology, giving you comfortable temperatures all year round. With powerful air throw and louver control, cooling is fast and powerful. It also has low noise levels and auto clean features.

LG  LG Inverter


LG Filter

This makes the LG Inverter Units more economical & efficient to operate, produce less noise and is environmentally conscious.  An inverter's capacity will fluctuate in order to match the air conditioning requirements, so an inverter can be more energy efficient than a constant speed compressor. An Inverter compressor can also operate faster than conventional air conditioners thus allowing the air conditioner to reach the set temperature faster and brings you comfort sooner.

LG's unique NEO Plasma Air Purifying system is equipped with 7 specialised filters in 5 separate stages to enhance its cleaning power. It reduces fine dust and mould and unpleasant odours.

With inverter technology comes more silent, economical and powerful air conditioning systems.  Clean and fresh air conditioning is ensured with a high level of cooling or heating performance and air purifying operation.

Maintain the perfect temperature year round with a room air conditioner from LG. Designed to efficiently cool small spaces, our collection of room air conditioners allows you to stay cool all summer long.

Night Silent Operation

Night silent operation mode can remain engaged for a pre-set number of hours, switching on at the day's peak temperature, and then returning to normal operation. Each mode has three sound levels.


Dehumidification mode accurately senses the room's temperature and controls humidity without overcooling. Increasing the vane angle prevents overcooling